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OTR Photographer - Cinti, OH

Mission + Style

Our mission is to create customized, luxury stories through elegant portraiture and a personalized experience for each unique client. With stunning presentation, craft, and passionate service, our work stands out as an industry leader in artistic vision, quality, and customer care.

Our modern yet classical style of photography combines editorial beauty with an artists documentary approach to details, moments, and storytelling to create stunning, one of a kind heirloom images.

From the Blog

Family Portrait in the Park

August 15, 2016

The family portrait. It’s something we are all familiar with, and most do not look forward to. Visions of kids...

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Tween Fashion Photo Party : OTR

August 6, 2016

When you’re 12, into fashion, and your friends I’m not sure there could be a cooler birthday option than a...

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Shannon + Dan : Laurel Court Mansion

July 31, 2016

Stepping into Laurel Court Mansion is like walking through a time capsule. You aren’t really prepared for what...

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