Tween Fashion Photo Party : OTR

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When you’re 12, into fashion, and your friends I’m not sure there could be a cooler birthday option than a Tween Fashion Photo Party in OTR. These girls blew me away from the moment they stepped foot in my studio. All very confident, excited and ready to WERK. They showed me that I am now old and need to update my social media knowledge. haha. It was so fun to get to hang with them and see all of their personalities come to light in front of the camera. Oh to be 12\13.

Robin McKerrell photography -2


Robin McKerrell photography -4

All I had to say was “model pose” – they nailed it.

Robin McKerrell photography -18

The girls had a blast creating their own snaps in my studio. They had tons of their own ideas – this was not their first day in front of the camera!

Robin McKerrell photography -16

Quite possibly the coolest mom ever. Hair blowouts, dinner in OTR, and a cool photoshoot, followed by ice-cream #perfectday

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