To be truly photographed it takes both people opening up-the photographer and the subject.
I promise to take that journey with you.


My style combines editorial beauty with an artist’s approach to natural light, details, and storytelling. It’s about trust, communication and connection, while the art is in letting things happen naturally. My clients are looking for real connection, not to be staged or too formal.


After having our daughter last year, and dealing with a tough recovery I’ve immersed myself in motherhood photography. I truly believe photos are a powerful tool that can help overcome depression, exhaustion, and many other stresses new moms deal with daily.

A little more about my journey – I started my career in the beauty industry. I photographed up-and-coming models and coached kids and adults on confidence building skills. I learned that the camera can be used as way to help people. They say “it takes a village,” to raise a child, and I believe this whole heartedly. Feeling connected, supported, and confident can be life-changing.



I started the MAMA series to give back to mothers and impact our community. By creating a space for women to share themselves they are able to tell their story and build a legacy of connectedness with their families. In life, we only have our memories and love, let’s cherish and celebrate together.

The MAMA series is my passion project to help connect women all over Cincinnati through our common bond – the journey of motherhood. To decide which session might be right for you navigate to the sessions tab or click here.



I'm a wife, mama, former model, and life long artist photographing women to empower and uplift! I am a Cincinnati Motherhood Photographer (and creator of the MAMA series) - who is addicted to the Starbucks Pink drink, windswept hair, long baby naps, and running 3 businesses from home while keeping the house (somewhat) together.

I've been a professional photographer since 2009, when I graduated from the University of Cincinnati DAAP with a BFA in 2D media. My artistic background influences how I see light, and creates a soft touch while working with images.

Years of dedication to my craft and a compassionate heart have helped me to build a following of amazing women who have become more than clients. They are my MAMA tribe. I'd be happy to have you join it.