Hey mamas-to-be! I have to be honest, I’m not sure anything is more exciting than pregnancy. I absolutely love talking about everything birth, baby, and bump related. My daughter is almost a year now and I still feel like I had her yesterday. For me pregnancy was not easy! I was sick for 26 weeks, exhausted, and did not feel sexy or attractive at all. I knew I wanted maternity photos, but I didn’t’t feel like posing for them whatsoever. So I get it if the idea of preggo photos makes you want to hide! And maybe you are the perfect pregnancy, all about it type-thats awesome too (you are so lucky!).

Either way I wanted to share some insight on my maternity and pregnancy photo philosophy, and chat about what I love to shoot. If you’ve checked out my site or read some blog posts you probably know about my fashion background and the fact that I am all about beauty photography. So you might be thinking how does beauty\maternity go together when you feel terrible, fat, bloated, tired, or maybe you are even on bedrest or dealing with health related pregnancy issues.

It’s really important for me to create a safe space for our session. We will brainstorm ahead of time and come up with ideas. I’ll shoot you some inspo and discuss wardrobe. We can talk about how much you want to show and what you don’t feel comfortable with. Things like stretch marks, extra weight, sagging, hair growth, etc are so common (its not as big of a deal as you might think). Below I wanted to cover a few very common questions.

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What do I wear? – We will work together to answer this question. It’s different for everyone based on your comfort level. I even have some amazing pieces in my client closet too. I definitely recommend either really tight garments or as little clothing as possible. The less you have on the more you can see your bump!cincinnati best maternity photographer

What about my partner? I totally get that you want your man featured in your photos too, but I highly recommend leaving him out of this one for the most part. Unless this is not your first pregnancy this will all be new to you. Posing with a beachball isn’t the easiest so its great for me to have alone time with you to focus on connecting, the baby, and you. I’m happy for your guy to jump in for a few minutes just to get some dad shots, but it won’t take too long. Here’s a perfect example. Dad jumped in for literally 5 minutes and was out.cincinnati best maternity photographer cincinnati best maternity photographer

Where should we shoot? I highly recommend reserving a hotel room for the night and making a staycation out of it. Then the room is clean and you don’t have to worry about prepping anything except your clothes. It also creates a very simple backdrop and I can control the light with the curtains. I really like Hotel Covington and 21C but anywhere will work.cincinnati best maternity photographer

Do you retouch? Yes, and no. I selectively retouch when I feel it will enhance the photo. I’m a believer in keeping things natural and preserving the moment, but if you have insecurities and things that you’d rather not see I am happy to help.cincinnati best maternity photographer

Will all of my images be super fashion and moody or do I smile too? I shoot a little of both. Lots of my styling influence depends upon the person, your wardrobe choices, and the mood of the shoot. If you see images you like on my site just click the share button and start pinning on Pinterest so we can put together ideas for you too. It helps when I have some idea what you like when it comes to clothes, makeup\hair and style.cincinnati best maternity photographer cincinnati best maternity photographer cincinnati best maternity photographer cincinnati best maternity photographer cincinnati best maternity photographer

Will my images have a fine art feel? Yes!! I am influenced and inspired by paintings, portraits, and beauty. I love flowing fabric, soft light, and elegance. We will put emphasis on thinking about your baby and connecting during the session. Anticipating your new arrival is half of the fun! I want to hear all about it.cincinnati best maternity photographerWondering how to book? We will discuss dates and figure out the best time for you (typically around 32-35 weeks). Then I’ll just need a 50% deposit to reserve. I keep my calendar flexible for moms to make sure we can fit you in before the big day. Check out my posts about newborns too. Good luck mama! This will be the best journey yet.