THE MAMA SIGNATURE SERIES - portraits of motherhood

The MAMA Signature Series started because, I quickly realized as a mom that we are never in the photos! If by the slim chance we made it in we probably didn’t have on makeup or our hair fixed (sometimes Im not even dressed out of pajamas), ugh. I wanted to change that and document each mama as they are, absolutely beautiful, strong, and connected with their little ones.

I get it, motherhood can feel hectic, but have a little faith in the process and let me find the magic. I promise its there and it won’t be hard to find even with a messy house, tired baby, or sore mama. Its always where you least expect.

My approach to photographing bumps and babies is intimate and casual. Nothing is forced, just you and your child. The process of creating new life is naturally beautiful – so I keep it simple.

With over 12 years of modeling experience and my own pregnancy under my belt, I can help guide you through posing with your new figure and choosing what to wear to flatter your body. It’s easier than you think! We will work together to collect inspiration, style your wardrobe, and create your stunning, connected, powerful story of motherhood.

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See Beauty. Find Yourself

For me, it took a long time to begin to find myself again after childbirth. I struggled with feeling as if I had lost my identity, isolated at home. My mind and body were not my own. Over time things started to come back, especially when I was able to create!

The MAMA series began my transformation. I found my strength again by empowering other women to feel beautiful, and connected to themselves.

The MAMA signature series features timeless, artistic images of mothers and babies. My work is intimate and beauty inspired. Expect to throw caution to the wind, and let your hair down.

It's about trust, communication, and connection.
While the art is in letting things happen naturally.


I want to document each mama as they are: absolutely beautiful, powerful and connected with their little ones.


Every mother knows how fast the seconds seem to slip away. They say "the days are long but the years are short." I want to document how each moment feels-together as one.

I found my strength empowering women to feel beautiful, and connected to themselves.
Not some supermodel retouched version of a dream, but an actual real person.


+pre-session inspiration and styling advice
+up to 2 hours of coverage - including time to get to know you
+confidence building, posing advice, and help getting you moving!
+patience and understanding. Time for feedings and diaper changes.
+beautiful artistically rendered fine art story
+high resolution image gallery with print rights
+web ready image files
+every image hand retouched by me
+printing rights + personal store

Join the MAMAS and take part in this signature series!

"There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation."