In the Sheets is a mini MAMA series, inspired by a mix of fashion and fine art. One of my favorite photographers – Mario Testino, is known for his white towel series. Testino says wearers “feel this freedom being able to express themselves because there is no predetermined way of how they should put the towel on. You can do anything you want. Wear it however you want.” This is exactly why this series is perfect for pregnancy! It can be so difficult to find something you want to wear and can feel good about (at least it was for me), but absolutely everyone can figure out how to wrap up in a bed sheet. And all hotels have them…so that makes packing really quick (I try to be as low maintenance as possible-especially while momming).

There’s something so classic about white sheets. The combination of really soft natural light and draping fabric reminds me of old master paintings from the Renaissance. Throughout this journey of motherhood work I will experiment on the best ways to paint with light (a new term you’ll find me using a lot). Combining my background as a fine art painter, with fashion and beauty photography really sparks something for me. I have so many ideas for new sessions in the sheets, so let me know this looks like something you might be interested in. In the meantime to see more inspo and start putting your ideas together, click for my Pinterest board – In the Sheets. Happy pinning. If you’re anything like me you may get lost for hours…