I decided to do this shoot for a few reasons. 1. I really wanted photos with my babe (clearly), and 2. I wanted to have some examples to share and discuss. First, I know how hard it is so be a mom! For me its honestly been a lot more difficult than I expected. It’s not the sleepless nights, or the lack of free time so much for me; but I have dealt with the struggle with staying home, slowing down, and coming to realize that my mom is not the same one that I used to take for granted. I don’t have lots of photos of me with my daughter, because it just seems really hard to get everything together to actually do a shoot! Trust me, I really do get it mamas.

This shoot however, is a great example of whats possible. I threw on some random clothes from my client closet, literally plopped down in my backyard, and had my mom take these photos (I guided her on settings, where to shoot from, the vibe, etc). I’ve been honing my style to focus on helping mamas get inspired for shoots in a non-stressful way. I’ve put together inspiration guides and love customizing Inso to make sure your session can be as easy as possible. I want to focus on the important things like the connection you have with your little one, and bringing out the badass beautiful woman that you may have forgotten still exists. I’m not going to lie when I saw these photos I did not connect with the girl in them-I felt exhausted, frumpy, and just not cute. I think that photos can be an amazing gift to remind you that you’ve still got it! Please just trust in the process and allow me to find that beauty! Its so fun!

I also just want to throw out there that I am all about nursing photos! It only happens for such a short time and I know one day when I look back and miss the special connection that we have I will be so thankful to have these shots. Let me know if you are interested in nursing\bottle sessions. There’s nothing sweeter than a snuggled up, happy, milk drunk babe xoxo.