Do you follow @officiallyquigley on insta? I would highly recommend it for not only awesome fashion & travel inspo, but also for real life MOTIVATION. This girl really has it together when it comes to self confidence and separating the social vortex and her actual life. I’m always on the lookout for strong, kickass females and here’s another one!

officially quigley #realmevsigme

I wanted to share a bit about her new #IGVSREALME campaign, because I’m so behind this idea. Basically, you just post a photo of yourself in INSTA mode – the glammed up, model mode (you know) versus…what you actually look like. I have been in the trenches of motherhood for quite some time now and haven’t really been able to crawl out so I haven’t had a lot of insta worthy photos of myself in a while.

I’ve had WAAAYYY to much of the real life (not so great looking) mom mode me, which I need to do something about. This oversized socks, no bra, frizzy hair, no makeup, prolly didn’t brush my teeth ME needs some work. This insta challenge has inspired me, probably not in the way Quigley intended but nonetheless. I realized that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to create a gorgeous, touched up, glammed up version of yourself. It’s like dress-up, and we all loved that as kids, right? Dress-up builds imagination, self esteem, and creativity. 

If you follow me on social media, specifically Instagram you know that I often struggle with the idea of insta perception. I’ve wrestled with deleting the app so many times, or only posting “real” photos, but every-time I try to hate it something GOOD happens. A mom reaches out to me and thanks me for telling my story and reveals that it helped her get through tough time. Or I book a mama for a session that really needed a pick me up and we end up becoming friends-in real life. Or I find an awesome chick that I am truly inspired by-like you get those butterflies of inspiration and excitement. There’s this line between insta life and real life that sometimes blurs and that can be a really great place. 

robin and joe creighton

I’m excited to take on this challenge and post my #realme vs #igme. I have plenty of the real me’s, but I’m really excited to give myself the excuse to go and dress up. #igme – HERE I COME!! (For some of my style inspo, what I wish I had going on – Check this out). The photo above is from before we had Harper, out at our farm- this is the real me with my hubby, outside, messy hair, riding 4 wheelers, covered in mud.