A little prep work goes a long way, which is why a photo-shoot styling guide is important. Part of my process involves working together to get inspired for your session. To begin, we will share ideas, and brainstorm. Depending upon your session type I’ll customize ideas and inspiration to come up with a look you love. Whats your style? Boho, glam, casual, natural? I love production, styling, and planning so I’m down for it all!

Styling + Clothes

Before your session I'll send you some wardrobe inspiration and chat ideas about style, colors, vibe and what to wear. You don't need to buy a completely new wardrobe. Just text me outfit options and bring a few changes just in case. Avoid logos and anything too loud. If you have a question about something just ask. And don't forget accessories!

When + Where

I have lots of favorite locations! Whether you want to shoot in the city, outdoors, or in your home we can discuss options and come up with the best plan based on your family, the weather, and the theme of your session. If its indoor, daytime works. If its outside then I'll most likely want to shoot an hour or two before sunset to get the beautiful magic hour light.

Babies + Kids + Dogs

If your shoot involves babies, kids, and or dogs its an absolute must to prepare. Bring snacks, toys, distractions, a coat and extra blankets if its cold, tissues, bandaids, treats for bribery, whatever it takes. If you bring your puppy, let's chat about a handler\assistant to help. A little prep work in this department goes a long way!

"Trust me, just go for it!"
-me at basically every session