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I realized that I don’t often post about my personal life. Having our daughter recently changed my views on so much. Its important for me to let you see behind the scenes, so to speak. To better understand me, my life, what I like, and why. So much of life inspires, and most of what inspires me comes from the everyday. I love to watch the way light washes over a room, or the small details of an object overlooked. I went to work with my hubby at Cheapside, his cafe downtown and snapped  a few shots. We talk about Cheapside a lot at home and I love to listen to his ideas about design, how people enjoy a space, and what excites him about creating a place for people to come and hang out-to get inspired.

Cheapside Cafe – Cincinnati Documentary Photographer

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Fall Trip : NYC + Rhode Island

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At 9 months pregnant my husband and I decided to pack up and head to NYC for a photo workshop that I wanted to attend to learn from some of my faves. This was such an amazing get away to give us time to reconnect before the baby and to help me get inspired for this coming season. I couldn’t have planned for the spark that was ignited in me. Check out some of our snaps from Rhode Island, the city, and hanging with friends.

NYC + Rhode Island

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Fall Family Portraits

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Three weeks pregnant and counting I had to make time to fit in one of my fave families. It was pretty cold so we had to keep little hands and feet warm throughout with kisses, lots of swinging in the air and jumping in piles of leaves. With this group I always expect to see lots of dimples, huge laughs, and good times. Little Marlow was such a hoot wearing moms hat and snuggling close, while Axel was all about finding big sticks and digging holes. What a beautiful fall and fun way to spend some of my last days pre-baby myself. I can’t wait to continue exploring lifestyle sessions and pushing a more documentary approach with kids and families. I love real moments and just taking time to have fun! When you let kids be themselves the cutest things happen. See below 😉

Fall Family Portraits

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Katie + Clark : Fall Engagement

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These two are the perfect mix of sweetness and fun. We spent this cold and rainy day hanging out, cracking jokes, hopping puddles, and talking about their wedding. We didn’t have a planned location or any thoughts set in stone, but we went out to document THEM. I absolutely love this kind of photography because its so much more real. You can’t plan intimate moments-they just happen. This will probably be my last engagement session of the year since our baby is due soon (3 weeks and counting). Its been an amazing journey this season continuing to learn and grow as a photographer as we build our family. It makes every photo mean so much more and my time getting to know each client extremely meaningful. 

Cincinnati Fall Engagement Photography


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fall family portrait : Minis continued

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Here’s another family I’ve had the pleasure of photographing for a few years now. Grandma decided to get all of the cousins together for a big fall photoshoot. This is such a fun and caring group. All of the older kids were so sweet with baby Grace as she ran as fast as she could to keep up 🙂

fall family portrait – documentary photographer – lifestyle photography

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Fall Minis Continued

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I’ve been photographing this family for a long time and enjoy every second. We spent the entire session laughing at Jackson’s hilarious little jokes as he told us that his sister would only listen to him about posing and he’d get her to smile by yelling hamburger (and she’d repeat some really cute baby version of it). I love photos of kids just being themselves, playing, laughing, snacking, and snuggling. Sometimes sessions include little fits and tears but they are all special memories later!

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Casey + Baby

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documentary maternity portraits

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Fall Minis Available Now

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Fall Minis are back and only available for a limited time. This is a great opportunity for Christmas cards, milestones, or updating your family album. I’ll need 5 spots filled per day to book the day, so if you have friends that may be interested let them know and coordinate your shoot days. Locations will be Ault or Eden Park.

Dates available : October 6th, 7th, 13th (5 spots filled to reserve date)

Cost: $200 cash for a 15min session including all of your best images artistically rendered in high resolution with print rights.

cincinnati senior portrait photographer


engagement photography

cincinnati engagement photography



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