I’ve been told by former clients that their friends are too SCARED to book a session, because their bodies “will not be GOOD ENOUGH.” I’ve been told that “everyone looks like a model” in my photos, and that’s just not them. I often hear, “just let me lose 5-10lbs and then I’ll be ready.” The list goes on…

I personally dealt with years of body insecurities too, not feeling thin enough and literally being measured all the time (when I was modeling). It really doesn’t matter who you are or what size – EVERY single person has doubts within themselves. Some of the most beautiful girls I have ever met throughout my journey have had some serious issues with eating disorders, anxiety, and other body image related concerns.

If it makes you feel any better my sessions are not some crazy modeling marathon. I’m not sitting there timing you with a stop watch and limiting what we do. I go into each session open-minded and ready for something new. I work with each client to tell their story, find their comfort zone, and teach them tricks to making great photos. I promise you’ll be shocked how natural it feels by the end of your session.

Top 5 Photo Session TIPS:

  1. Lighting – The key to great photos.
  2. Attitude – Let your inner beauty shine through.
  3. Wardrobe – Comfortable clothing to flatter your figure.
  4. Movement – Moving in front of the camera keeps it natural.
  5. Connection – Focusing on your child and connecting to enjoy the moment.

Can you imagine letting the years slip by and not having beautiful, connected images with your children? Just go for it! Your daughters and sons will learn by example- let’s teach them body confidence from day one!