So I’m sure you’ve seen me posting about my MAMA signature series but you may still be wondering what its all about and how it got started. I’ve always loved seeing old photos of my mom with me when I was little (especially when she was pregnant!). Mom’s have always been absolutely beautiful to me. Theres this amazing appeal about the softness, the sweetness, and the warm caring hugs of a mother (and they usually carry snacks). So I’ve always had the interest and the love, but then my pregnancy came along and WOW did the change my mind about a few things. I know some people have the magical perfect pregnancy gift, but mine was hard! I felt so sick, and exhausted, and just not in the mood to have photos taken. Even though I really really wanted them. It was so hard just to throw together clothes, or get ready. Just the thought of it seemed terrible. Then add the way you feel after the birth – double whammy! I had NO clue how hard that would be either. My doulas told me I’d feel like I was hit by a truck and I laughed to myself thinking, no way. Well, I felt like two or three trucks hit me (not to scare anyone expecting – I did a home birth which added lots of extra walking and unexpected things that really took it out of me).

Flash forward a few months to my gorgeous, absolutely precious little babe. Well, I don’t have any photos with her! It’s terrible. How does a photographer not have any photos. And I thought, wow if its this bad for me it must be just as bad for everyone else too (and I have lots of friends in the biz so I don’t have an excuse).

I really realized there is a need for the MAMA sessions! To help moms to feel stunning, connected, and wonderful (even if its just the feeling you get looking at the photos if you don’t feel that amazing actually posing for them). “Making Motherhood Look Effortless” became important to me, because I tend to always feel a huge weight, never ending list of to-dos, and its hard to resist comparing yourself to online moms. It never feels easy, but damn I want it to look easy! When you see a mom out shopping, dressed up, looking great and killing it I personally can’t help but think- you go girl. I wish I could look like that all the time, but in reality I’m lucky if I get makeup on and out the door. With the strain of pregnancy, so many post-partum concerns, chasing around little ones and sleepless nights, its tough.

When you look back though you just remember the love, the snuggles, the way your babe’s perfect soft skin feels, their smell, and how they feel in your arms. It brings me to tears writing this, because I don’t even want to think about her growing older or possibly one day being too big for me to hold her. And that’s why I need MAMA sessions. To remember them how they are. Right now. I promise, its so worth it.