There is no right or wrong time to do a MAMA session, because a portrait with your babe will always be special. From a few months old to teenagers anything goes. However, there are windows of time that tend to be easier on you. Here are a few things I recommend that you keep in mind when scheduling:

  1. The age of your baby. Keep in mind that you will need to be holding your little one so there is a golden window when your babe will cooperate. Typically from 3 months-9 months depending upon when they start to walk and crawl. It’s nice if they can hold their head up, but not get away.
  2. If you are nursing and want to capture that then a younger babe might be a bit easier since they will not be as heavy 🙂
  3. Toddlers can be difficult! If your babe does not enjoy snuggling in your lap and only wants to run around and say the magic word (NO!) then it just takes a bit more planning. I’ve worked through this scenario many times, but want to help ease any stress you may have and create realistic expectations about what we can accomplish.
  4. When you feel up to it! Make sure you are fully recovered from birth and ready to enjoy the process. This is about you just as much as your babe.
  5. Just go for it! How do you ever really know when it’s the RIGHT time? Each passing day your babe grows so just book it.
  6. Please don’t worry about extra weight, feeling tired, etc. I will help to ease any stress and plan a look you are comfortable with.
  7. Have older kids or teens? You can still plan a MAMA session!
  8. Want to capture multiple generations? Your mother, and your daughter? We can do that too.