I think its really cool to see what a wedding photographers wedding actually looked like. It gets you a closer sneak into their style and how they see weddings. Our wedding was the perfect mix of my husband and I. Personally, I’m all about intimate weddings, but Joe likes to have huge parties so a big wedding was important for him. I really like very few planned activities, and instead giving guests the opportunity to hang out, mingle, eat, dance, and do as they please. We love the city so we chose 21C and The Rookwood, which Joe owned at the time for our venue. Under a big tree overlooking the city. There were so many personal touches that I will save for another day, but just to give you a closer look at us. Here ya go. Boho. Simple. Chill. Romantic. Urban Garden.

Our photographer, Danelle Bohane flew in from New Zealand and is absolutely amazing. Very documentary and sweet. Great attention to details, playing with shadows, and just telling an absolutely stunning story. I followed her to Brooklyn (with only 2 weeks left in my pregnancy) where she was teaching at Wrkshp to learn from her too!!