Being a mom is probably one of the toughest jobs you can have. Everyone tells you to prepare yourself, but what does that really mean? How do you prepare yourself for something you know nothing about. Well, from the moment my midwife handed me my daughter it just clicked. There was not one second of hesitation, I just knew I was her mom and it felt right. I felt like everything before that moment was a distant memory. She felt so right pressed up against me, and I remember just holding her close and rocking her.

At the exact same time I was also experiencing the whirlwind of her home birth, and the physical toll that it took on me. Saying my recovery was tough would be an understatement. I had no idea how intense childbirth, postpartum, and staying at home as a new mom would be. It hit me quick, but also took its sweet time. I struggled a lot with the isolation, and new life changes. Then I felt terrible for feeling that way when I was now responsible for the sweetest little girl I had ever met or could even imagine. Postpartum issues are real and hit so many of us. I’ve talked with more moms than I can count who warned me and shared their stories.¬†Everyone has their own unique journey. I absolutely love hearing about the journey into motherhood, and even more I love stopping time for one second and showing mamas a side of themselves they probably were to tired to see. The powerful, strong, gorgeous, protective, fun, nurturing, soft and loving MAMA.

So what is the beautiful struggle? It’s the constant balance each and every mama must retain just to keep each day together. It’s often messy and usually nothing goes as planned, but all those little moments with your babes couldn’t be sweeter or more beautiful.

This is a photo that my mom took of my daughter and I. We worked together to create this shot and I will always cherish it. Three generations of women. I can’t look at this photo without tears in my eyes because it transports me right to that embrace. I can feel my arms holding her so tight, burying my face in her soft skin. Every moment tied into one, so many feelings. I want to share that intensity, and love – with every mama. Let’s capture it.